Friday, April 6, 2012

ISlim Slimming Spa

If guys, they wanna get sweat, they might go to the gym, play football, play dota #eh! While as for us, girls, we go for sauna! And hell yeah, we got sweat a lot! A lot more than u guys, when u play football okay! *berlagak*
Last saturday, went to ISlim slimming spa, located in Setia Alam, *bapak jauh* sebab my friend, she bought coupon and i go with her, so we both have to go to that place... :pp

Footspa session
We were given some slimming treatment, like sauna, hot blanket wrapping with full coffee body mask, jacuzzi... For RM18, i'm satisfied! :)

The jacuzzi, fills with goat milk warm water... i mean warm water with goat milk powder *i guess*

p/s : met my parents again in the evening and chit chatting in secret recipe alamanda and i feel blessed! :) thank u Allah for this beautiful life, surrounded with love...


Anonymous said...

salam, hi :)
beshnyee g spa...kite nak jgak, ngeee..
btw, nice blog and i followed you ^_^

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

you might get refreshing as well aite? :) btw, enjoy your day as well as possible!

A Girl Like You said...

Both of u, thanks! ;)

I miss spa, again :p