Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flowers Vs. Your Personality

What does your favourite flower said about you...? Our favourite flowers can tell us a lot about our personality and our sense of style...

One of the flower i got from my very favourite person

Okay, i used to loveeee to play all those kind of personality test ya know! So, i'm at home currently and have tons of free times, so i flipped and went through my old magz (which i have lots of) and i found this! So i was thinking, untuk share knowledge ini (wah! knowledge!), since we all GIRLZ, love flowers... no no tak payah nak nafikan...

*okay introduction je dah dua paragraphs!*

There's a lots lots lots of flowers displayed here! In this article! Ada gardenia la, (yes, gardenia adalah sejenis bunga juga, bukan roti yg enak dimakan begitu saje tu ye!), iris la, poppy la... hmm...
But, i'm gonna share only the famous flowers, enough la kan! and yg most of the people likes! ;)

1. Sunflower

They have high self-confidence, bercita2 tinggi, keyakinan diri yang tinggi, semangat yang tinggi, semua tinggi2! Nama pun bunga matahari kan! Matahari kan tinggi! Individu ini jugak bersemangat dalam melakukan ape sahaja & setia orangnya! (wah!)
Ok siapa2 yang kurang yakin pada diri sendiri sila2 lah suka bunga matahari eh! #eh

2. Orchid

Allright! Bunga orkid ni is adorable kan! Mama suka betul bunga orkid dulu2, macam2 color ade! People who loves orchid, dikatakan mudah bersimpati, sikit2 "kesian~" :p Mereka juga agak mysterious, perahsia... huish! bahaya! They also tend to not being materialistic! tak memikirkan soal kewangan dalam kehidupan dan hidup serba sederhana...
Orchid ni mahal, tak payah la suka2...! ;p

3. Tulips

Always wanna be the best, dan melakukan sesuatu perkara dengan bersungguh-sungguh... Juga, tidak gemar membazir... Kind-hearted is what you are. always thinking of ways to improve everyone's lives, including your own...
Tulips tend to be very cantik right! Adorably pretty!

4. Daisy

Oh daisy is so sweet...
Wah orang2 yang suka daisy ni, dikatakan sentiasa berpegang pada janji and disenangi oleh rakan2 kerana bijak menyimpah rahsia! Wahhh!!!
Which of my friends yang suka daisy??? Cepat2 banyak rahsia eden nak bagitau nih! ;) Gossips! :p Peti gossip ni!

5. Roses

Although it common, for me, it the sweetest flowers ever!
People who loves roses ni, most of all, dikatakan, romantic! *highlight that!*
They are warm, with an old-fashioned sense of femininity... Deep-dyed romantic, with a timeless sense of style that never goes out of fashion! Vintage looks great on you!
For me, all roses are adorable, any colors!

6. Carnation

A bit reserved and traditional (nothing's wrong with being traditional kan, it cute!) Very realistic too!!! Tend to gravitate toward classic styles of clothes, but also enjoy an occasional trendy theme in the wardrobe.
Carnation yang sering menjadi perhiasa di meja2 cafe2 di restoran2 or hotel2, love!

7. Calla Lily

Normally graceful and filled with dignity, this type of a goddess-like sense of poise and presence that is quite commanding and imposing. You are also elegant & dignified...
Tak sangka bunga ni pun dijual eh, dulu2 dekat rumah atuk saya ada kot ditanam! tak diusik langsung untuk main pondok2!

8. Violet

Sensitive, private and complex, this type of girls take a little time to get to know, but she definitely worth it. Her style tends to be understated but tastefully and quietly elegant...
Oh this flower is very english... not much to say...

p/s : i'm very very very happy when i received flowers, typical girl! =.=

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