Monday, February 13, 2012


Salam, hi all!
It has been sooo long since my last update... Been busy, exams was chasing after me last few days...
3 papers in a row, everyday, really make me sucks & sick!

So my coming paper will be on 17th (Friday)! :) Nampak ciri2 ke-relax-an di situ kannn! ;)

By the way, yes about shopping! I'm sooooo gonna go shopping after i'm done with the paper!
I even have a shopping list on my mind! Even time jawab exam kadang2 tu ter-berangan sekejap, fikir nak shopping *time SPM n PMR dulu pun i mcm ni senanye ;pp* Macam2 nak beli ni! Especially, i wanna buy new "outfits" for my baby iphone yang selalu hang tu, maybe die hang sebab pakai baju lama je kots! mana lah tauuu!
Ikutkan hati, i wanna hit all the malls in KL : Midvalley, One Utama, The Curve, Time Square, KLCC, Jalan TAR... i got confused where to go!

I cant wait for all these to finish tahu tak?!!!
I can't wait to, hmm, stop suffering! hihi ;p
I can't wait for the sun to shine again! *over!* means, tak sabar nak habiskan exam la okay!
I can't wait to go for a longgg date... sweet escape & yang sewaktu dengannya!

One thing that made my day on this busy week! :) Thank u, mohammad izzat xhandsome :)

But, i thing i CAN wait is, internship! :( Kenapa lah cepat sangat :( Dont want to go :(
Saya takut :((

Food craving can wait! Finally !!! After my Advanced audit paper!
Mc'D -ing with him

Actually now what i have to worried about is, the last paper, Securities & Investment Portfolio
It approaching me!!!
Do pray for my success in this examinations :) thank u :)

To my loves one, my classmates, my friends, adik2 juniors saya, and all MMU-nians, all the best in your remaining papers! :)

p/s : My birthday celebration entry coming right up! :) Stay tuned! ;pp


emy adila said...

terliur tgk gmba bwh sekali :D

A Girl Like You said...

Kan! bole pegi makan mc'd! :)