Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back To December!

First of all, hola December! :)
Time is flying and wow here we are heading to the end of the year, and looking forward the new year which everything's gonna be new! New age, new experiences, new car(nak2! *okay over!), new, okay xnak cakap dah! ;p

The starter of the month, breakfast with the girls at Central Food Court MMU sendiri, with zaris, nadiah & tira... Zaris, please la please lain kali nak buat reunion pun please la pilih waktu2 yg lebih effective ye, seperti dinner, hi-tea or lunch, bukan BREAKFAST, i breakfast, 50% je drpd keseluruhan kehidupan i, okay! haha! orang lain pun begitu ;p

And then went to class! And came out early, ketika break, perghhh malangnye time nk kuar dari kelas, lecturer tu siap usha dua kali ok muka i, tapi hajat diteruskan jua!!! ;)

N then went to Alamanda to get my skinfood!!! Ya know what all these brand new skincare of mine, has really made my day... Balik rumah haritu pun shopping toner & moisturizer! I bought Nutox, coz i love Fazura so much, and she's the speaker for nutox! Also Bernice Liu, i love her too! I watched Survivor Law (律政新人王)! I love 'em both! That's one of the reason! And the other reasons are, i get bored easily, and Nutox is made from birdnest (kekonon).
I had lunch at Rasamas with my favourite person! :)

Dece,ber is kinda my favourite month! December lah banyak movie best2, magazines best2! Ahaaa! ;) welcome december! ;)

SO, finally, happy december everyone! Selamat selamat selamat! :)

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