Monday, October 17, 2011

The Three Musketeers 2011

I'm back from the short semester break, or for me, it kinda long... :pp
After my parents went back home after sent me here, and when they called "kat mana tu?" "Sunway Pyramid mama..." "=.=" hahaha... well, it 2 weeks! I've been missing Sunway Pyramid, like, damn much! keh3x, iye lah tuuuuuu... :p

We had dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop(just bagitau in case there is any stalker wanna know bout this, hihi) and then we watched The Three Musketeers!!!


The Three Musketeers

The movie is my type! I would recommend u guys to watch it! Best! It a classic action movie! Tahu tak, it is something like Charlie's Angle, but traditional one, they fight, they jokes, they fall in love... ;) The movie is just nice!

There are 3 musketeers and another boy, yg jadi hero cerita ni, and there is a woman, Milady, she's very mean, intelligent and she is a real traitor... wohoo! her character! nice one! i like it! ;P

Okies that's all, conclusion is, The Three Musketeers is worth to be watched!


And, hello cyberjaya! Hello whole new sem! :)

p/s : watching it with him after few weeks didnt meet each other make it more special, hihi...

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♥N♥ said...

Hye there . I wanna inform you that I've deleted my previous blog ' Live-the-Life ' . Do follow my current and offical bloggy . I've followed yours . Thank you .

ella said...

dear i tag u! :p
sesaje sbb otak dah jeeem.. hiks!

A Girl Like You said...

N : Okie dokie!!! :)

Ella : Haha, allright babe!!! :))