Tuesday, October 4, 2011

#Holiday Plan

Assalamualaikum(Alahai sopannye saya).
Okies, here we go, my plan, for my perfect two weeks holidays...

First thing first i am not going for any vacation with my family, coz my brother gonna sit for his exams soon; and not going to travel anywhere with friends too, coz i didn't plan anything like that... So don't expect too much from this post... hmmm... =( *sambil buka website cuti2 malaysia*


So, my master plan(lah sangat);)!

1. I've been waiting for soooo long for this! GOSSIP GIRL all the wayyy ;) Will keep watching the series on and on, all seasons, marathon! Yeayyy!
Blair, Chuck, Chuck, Blair, Serena, Nate, Dan... I miss all of them...

2. Watching Korean series... This just an alternatives, if there's good one, why not! But i'm not the fan of Korean movie, series, celebrities... Ok, but i like some of the actor and actress la, those pretty & good looking one, only some of them, not into korean that much... Shooo soeyyy korean fans! ;p

Some of the series which i watched, plan to watch and which i favour... ;)

3. Watch those movies i haven't watched yet! Xnak terasa loser di situ kannnnn ;) nnti org cite pasal movie yg i x pernah tgk ni i sentaps plak =pp

Picture : Post Grad, Dil Chata Hai, Gulliver's Travel

4. Watch all my favourite chick flick movies or series over and over and over again!!! Chick flicks are my favourite, forever and always! ;)

Some of my favourite : Legally Blonde, Pisau Cukur, Material Girls, Monte Carlo

Actually, gol & gincu is one of my very favourite series and movie, but i don't know where to find it... Awww, comel nye saya suke gol & gincu...(puji diri sendiri comel mcm minta penyepak i know!)

5. Cooking or baking... Ehem ehem, insyaallah, ku katakan... ;p

6. Research, research, research! Internship is coming soon! Internship! Audit firms! Awwww! I'm excited! =D I x kisah mana2 actually... As long as, i can see how the accountants/auditors world is! Tapi minta2 la dapat yg office baru2 sket, cantik2 sket, well, perangai i kannn, plus, i penakut sket, dpt office yg serem2 x naya! grrrr! (tu yg saya dok pikir?!)

Ouch, logo berangan boleh x?

7. And OF COURSE! I never drop this one from my list! ONLINE twenty-four seven! ;)

See! See! Semangat x i promote churp2 and nuffnang?! =p

8. Read my ALWAYS unfinished novel! hihihi! ;p Entah bile nye nak khatam niii! And and and, my favourites magazines : Seventeen, EH!. Cosmopolitan, CLEO, Remaja(Cewah, ni mengimbau zaman2 persekolahan ;p)

9. Refreshing back the knowledges i've learnt, awwww... Baca semula buku Taxation, Corporate Finance, Corporate Accounting, Management Accounting, Auditing (Yang ni hang betul2 berangan ni fifa! sihat x ni...)

10. Or, webcam-ing all the way? ♥


p/s : Images are googleable! And oh, happy holiday peeps, i hope my holiday will not be so boring... ;) Stay tune here k!

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