Saturday, October 22, 2011

ELLE Girl Launch in Sunway Pyramid

Assalamualaikum, hi... I went to Sunway Pyramid for the launch of ELLE Girl in Malaysia! woohoo! It was fun to watch all the models catwalk-ing on the stage presenting the elle girl clothing lines...
Align Center The models...

Besides Elle Girl, sponsors lain are, Seventeen mag, KOSE, Nature& Co., Sunway Pyramid...
(Cewah! Takpe2 it okay, i tolong promote okay...xnak balasan pun :p) Besides seventeen magazine also presented their cover girls and the winner...
I'm with Seventeen cover girl winner,kalau xsilap nama nye lara sofia... eh2 jap, yg kiri ke yg kanan tu winner? ;pp ok2 kidding, she's prettayyy!

FYI, this is the first outlet of elle girl, it is not yet open anywhere, this is the first, and here it is, in Malaysia, in Sunway Pyramid
(i just repeat what the MC said, hehehe :p) How do i get the pass? i just cuba nasib, i saw the ads in facebook by Seventeen mag, bagi je nama n then they contacted me, saying i got 2 passes... yeayyy!

i'm with si jawa :ppp (jgn mara ;))

Oh AND, i also got goodies worth RM 150!!! AWWWW!

Ada Elle Girl t-shirt, lotions from Nature & C0. etc. Thanks elle girl! ;)

And ade macam2 makanan ade, sandwiches, cakes, cuppie cakes ;) Coffee Bean!

I love elle girl! ahaaa! ;) nnti beli baju Elle Girl okay! Trust me,cantik okay cardi die! Go have a look! And it price was awesome too! All teenage prices! ;) Okies that's all about Elle Girl ;)

p/s : thank u seventeen malaysia!


Now let's talk about lunch! hee~ We had lunch at Papa John's Pizza...
Sedap okay pizza & spaghetti dekat sini... It suit my taste laaa... The Alfredo Chicken diperkaya dengan sos & ingredients yang mencukupi :p and the pizza, hmm, x muak! :)

For the foods, i rate it 4 stars :) And and, the price, almost the same with other pizza mcm pizza huts or dominos...

Finally, the lunch is great, the day is awesome, and sweet! :) thanks temankan saya okay sayang。。。 我不知道你想知道吗,我的每一天都要有你。。。:)

p/s : I'm happy :) as always ;) okies it time to have a family weekend, daa~

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