Friday, September 30, 2011

Dream House

Assalamualaikum, hello, hi...
Today i'm gonna talk bout Dream House...

Not this dream houses... But anyway, awww, these houses are super nice, terlebih cantik, over gitu! I like 'em all! But why all of my dream house like very watery? I berangan nak jadi mermaid ke hapa?! =p


Okies, back to our story! I just watched Dream House... This Dream House.... With Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts & Rachel Weisz in it! And for me, Rachel Weisz is so very pretty in this movie! If u ever read bad review about this movie, don't trust 'em at all coz for me, this is one good psycho + thriller +horror movie! =) *i pun xtau betul ke x terms2 tu main plus2(+) je! =p

The movie start off by making us believe that bla bla bla happened in that house... In the middle of the story, suddenly we have to switch our mindset! And towards the end, everythings gonna be clear! =) Nice one! =)

Honestly speaking, this movie kinda touch my heart, well when it relates to family, relates to love... If i were Daniel Craig in this movie, i might become insane tooo! *opps, terbocor cerita!* =p

p/s : nak letak poster tapi sbb i penakut, i da delete da, sbb tgh update blog sensorang niii...=p


Anyway, we have meatball for dinner! Lama da saya mengidam okies! sampai time buat paper CA 1 pun terbayang2, kalau fail tau dah sebabnye! =p

So i'm so much satisfied! And thanks coz bringing me to find chee cheong fun too! Love it! Though it just coincidence! ;)

And this is another dream house story...

Ikea's stuffs, okay cantik2! Modern, elegant, adorable! I loveeeeeee it! ;)
Okay, IKEA, please pay us for becoming ur model...
Oh, i part time je... nak focus study! =pp Buekkk! =p
*okies i gurau okay, jgn nak amik i jadi model perabot second hand plak! =p

p/s : Next time i wanna post bout dream house, dream wedding, dream car, dream husband, dream world segala3x dreams la! MAcam best la pulak kan! hihihi~ ;p ehem2! =p


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Mel said...

I quite like watery dream houses too. Or at least, I like to look at them, the novelty would probably wear off if I actually lived in one. Not that I'm in danger of finding out, the house valuation on any watery kind of property would be astronomical. Unless watery referred to flood damage.

There's a picture that I've seen somewhere of this indoor pool with a platform built in centre, with a bed on it and bedside cabinets and everything. And as cool as that is, I think it might be a bit dangerous if you happen to be a sleepwalker.

I haven't actually seen the film "Dream House", although I tend to find that if the critics slate something, it's usually quite good. This one might be a bit scary for me though.

A Girl Like You said...

Yeah watery houses look very cool & complete, u know like, whenever u need water then u just jump into it... or with a pond in ur house the scenery will be more beautiful... But like u said, the price of the houses might be a bit high...

About the movie, u should watch it, it a bit scary in certain part of the movie, but u'll be very satisfied with the movie after finish watching it... =)