Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Hero's Day

See this promotion! And i was thinking, who who who is july baby?!! (actually i know who la, saje buat gimik, the person, is always in my mind... He's my favourite july baby & i love him so much!)

So, celebrating papa's birthday, where to dine in, i yang pilih, , order pun i jugak yg order, bayar pun die jugak yang bayar! Tq papa! ;p Adik masam je muka sebab x dapat makan tempat yang ade ayam! =p
Manhattan Fish Market! Favorito!

Spending time with my family is precious, since there's not much time i could spend with them nowadays... =( jauh... =( I'm shooo happy today!

Happy birthday papa and i love u so much!

Thank u for loving me this much and i'm too lucky

Grilled Gala Platter

Small flames (For freeeee)

Mushroom soup

Chicken of liberty (adik punye)

Spaghetti in the Sea

a lot of promotions in Manhattan Fish Market okay! Check it out!

Once again, selamat hari jadi, papa!
Words cant describe my feelings & my love...
As long as i know, it is there, always, forever!
I'm not a good daughter, but i'm always your little girl...

p/s : nothing could replace your love to me. i know, i do know, how much u love me... i love u!


- ezza - said...

happy belated birthday papa fifah ;))

A Girl Like You said...

Thank u cik ezza!!! ;)