Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bora Ombak ♡♥

Went to Sephora, finally!!!
Okies i'm satisfied... No matter how broke i am but when a girl see clothes, shoes, earings and stuffs, MAKE-UPS, they'll still pick at least one, cheapest one, or not =p hehehe!
I bought Sephora brand eyeliner... Let see how it works!


Had dinner at Bora Ombak...
It a surprise... (ok, surprise ler sgt eaaa! Okies2 fine, mmg surprise!)
"Awak nak candle lite dinner kan?"
Thank u

The environment is really nice!!! Very the cantik, sweet, romantic, nyaman, tenang!
The food was okay... Not the best, but sedap...= )

Asmara Chicken (Chicken with cheese on top, served with fried rice),
Chicken Chop(as usual served with rice),
Fresh Orange & Starfruit Juice...

The price range is around RM12-RM40... if i'm not mistaken

that person, thanks for today... ♡♥

p/s : u made my day...

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