Sunday, May 15, 2011

Italiannies ♥♡

I'm done with the exam... Cari jalan nak release tension la konon konon konon nye kan! ;)
But in a romantic way pulak! awww! ;p
I have been "craving" for The Curve, don't know why kenapa n i just wanna eat somewhere IN The Curve!
Heading to Damansara at around, after Zuhur, so had lunch at, almost 3pm...

Italiannies! ♥♡

I quite love this place, it kinda classic, not classy but classic... The tablecloth pun a bit oldschool la =p hehehe...

We ordered this package which includes an appetizer & a main course! The foods, was NOT quite nice... Should think twice before u go dan try...
They pasta were not even al-dante, they were undercooked! I think it obvious from the pictures that the pasta look hard!!!

 I wanna try the pizza if i ever visit next time because i glance at the table next to me and the pizza look better than our foods... =)

Lucky that i had a great date! Otherwise the food will taste even worst maybe!


One more thing yang best, is that, there's street market along the street of The Curve on weekend(i think!) So barang comel2 cute2 n affordable2! ;p

For dinner, we had dinner at Mali's Corner, Setapak.
It a hawker's stall so it shooooo murah & shoooo sedap!
Nasi Lemak ayam & Char kuey tiaw ! Terbaikkk la wa cakap lu!

SO, i had another great day! Thanks! ;D

p/s :雖然你不是很帥, but i heart u! =p HAHAHAHAHA! =p
Saya gurau2 je, jgn marah! ;p


- ezza - said...

kak paahhhhhh! italiannies tuh mcm sedaaappp je! sigh~ hehe

Afifah said...

hmm, yg i makan haritu, bole tahan la, rasa mcm healthy kot jugak =p
tp i tgk pizza meja sebelah mcm menyelerakan, besar! =p

- ezza - said...

HAHAHAHA tak leh bla u niee. ok2 next time i pon nk try makan kat situ jugak =p

Afifah said...

The Curve mcm byk kedai makan yg best2 la!
plus sabtu ade street market! ade beg2 yg mcm korang suke rm39! ok ke x? ;)

- ezza - said...

aah i pon rasa kat curve bnyk tmpt mkn yg best but price dia pon best jugak kan. hahaha. i pon dgr cite kt situ ade jual beg2 yg lawa. and i ada jugak nk g satu kedai nie but smpai skg tak pergi lagi. haha

Afifah said...

itu lahhh, harga die yg lawa tu, kire2 menabung berbulan bole habis sehari la! ;p

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