Thursday, January 27, 2011

Counting Down

Hi! Okies, quick update!

First of all, i'm home! Well, by morning train, pagi2 lepas subuh terus p kajang, having breakfast at Mc'D then tunggu train ;) Best juga naik keretapi ni, naik 1st class, seat syok jer, naik2 terus zzzzz, nasib baik x sampai s'pore terus, kalau x susah jugak keretapi tu nak pusing balik =p

COUNTING DOWN kan! A lot to count ni! ;p 1st, my favourite day of the year...=D 2nd my final examsss, Management Decision Science, Business Law, Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Finance & Taxation(benci) =p... So, HAVE TO study la kan! Really have to! Lots more to go! Wish me luck!!!

Last week, i mean last few days, have been busying...And i'm tired! Really! Meetings, rushing here and there, study (study keee? =p)... Lots of events to go next semester! Next semester gonna be even more busy lar nampaknye! IVAQ(almost forgot bout this, not been train for quite some times)takpe nanti train sendiri yer! =p JOM! Kayuh Beca, Zoom Sarawak etc.... Phew!

The most important thing for now is, study for my final! That's all! Then later, i can think of shopping, hanging around, like, freeeeeeely! ;p hahaha!

To all MMU-nians :

p/s : nak lepak mana lepas exam ea? ;)

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