Saturday, November 27, 2010

Paintball with SRM

SRM Paintball Challenge, of course i'm there... After finished my taxation paper, bergegas2 ke tempat paintball tu, which located at Taman Tasik Idaman, habis paper awal, so i thought dapat main game lebih, coz i thought i managed to reached there early, tapi apakan daya~ terlewat jua~... I pergi with Zaris, biasa lah, besties merangkap teman paintball! Die terror wooo! ;)

Hmm, anyway, i played 5 games, n i never get enough of paintball!!! Nak main lagi! Team, i actually with Marul & lain2 tu x ingat pulaks =p N there's one game main ngan Luqman, Nabil, Kak Huda, Kak Azwa, Nasrul, best team ni! Memang best! =)

This time, i got shot but not that serious... N this time i never survived in every games! Tu yang x puas hati tu! ;( Tapi i enjoyed the games! Thanks for the games guys! nanti kita main sama2 lagi okies!

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