Thursday, October 7, 2010

See!!! i've changed the background of my blog!!! I don't know is it too bright sampai sakit mata or not... I like it... Of course i should like it!!! I spent the whole day doing it okies!!! HAHA! But still, there's here and there, i'm still not satisfied with... Phew! Susah2... But still i feels like want to include more pink in the background, but i think the color gonna be too bright and might be annoying, haha!

Btw, it holiday now... Have been almost a week... And being home, not that sucks, not that boring (like some people said), i haven't step out from my house, since i'm back here... I came back here, Segamat the night after i habis beraya(post dekat bawah ni ha) =p My parents came to take me home... So, my baby, myvi kesayangan saya yg saya langgar macam2 tu, ada dekat Cyberjaya! ;) Kesian dia tinggal lama2! hmmph!

Being home is like heaven for me, even my friends called me, but i still refused to go out, i'm soooo home type kan! hihi! Yeah, if my house is in KL it possible for me to staying home all day long, tau! So, these few days, yeah, i'm not boring at all, chilling in my own room, online-ing on my own bed is never fail to make me feels as i'm in heaven! HAHAHA! During school time, i can spend hours just reading magazines in my room, or baca novel2 jiwang karat, dulu2! ;)

My activities these few days, i've been wathching gossip girls, some movies, watching tv, online 24/7 etc! Best giler!

And oh btw,

As a true malaysian, let's support our athletes! (ecewah! hihihi!) ;)
Go Malaysia go! ;p

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