Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thursday, Friday, Saturday... & Toy Story 3!!!

Ok i'll start with hmm! Thursday night!!!
Very such a long time i did not hanging out with my friends, Zaris, Tira, Iffah, Nadiah, Tika... So, i suggested we having dinner together...! So, we were headed to Gravy Baby... 6 persons in a car, with all those "stories", imagine!!!
Plus, i keep on feeling hungry all time (mcm mana tu) serious, lapar, tu dia... x bole start makan malam, kalau da start, hari2 nak mkn!!! So, 6 of us having late dinner at Gravy Baby...


Friday, lunch only with Iffah, nadiah & tika dekat HB1 jerrr, sedapnyerrr, chicken chop + cheese! Hmm, delicioso!!! And then after having late lunch, berjalan2 sebentar di Cyberpark, kasi makanan digest sebentar =p

And at night, Portugal vs Brazil!!! I only watch some part of it (sbb tunggu tika ingat nak pergi mamak!), dekat bilik tv, i saw my Ronaldo, he was damn cute! *love love* And the results of the game? draw! (well, everyone's knew it lar fifa =p)

Ok then go out with ratna farid tika ijat for a late night movie! We watch TOY STORY 3!!!
Best! Actually this is my first time watching toy story tau!!! And i rate it 4*! Memang best! Most of the dialogues were funnayyy, and some of the part oh, mmg touching juga lar... And there's one thing, i teringat dekat all my toys when i was a kid, while watching this movie! Rindu pula, those days... hmm!!!


And yesterday, Saturday... First, we plan to have lunch dekat Alamanda, but guess what, parking is full! and x bole masuk pun! So, plan B, i drove to bangi, and we had our lunch there! Hentam jer kedai makan mana, x pernah try pun... So, we had lunch dekat RMF Family Diner... Sedap juga... The place is nice and the foods was okay, and the price also just nice... So had lunch there!

Ini model2 top masakini (perlukan perkhidmatan? call me! =p)

Rice with sweet & sour fish!

Sizzling Yee Mee


And now right now, puasa nihhh... haha! Till then c ya! ;)

p/s : lama sangat x update kan, can u c how busy i am... Hmm... But i'll try to not being tooo busy!!!

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