Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It Tuesday... And it week 4! My life is still a mess, until now... Very messy!

Hmm... i dont even started reading anything yet, while when d beginning of the semester, pelbagai janji manis i taburkan kepada diri i sendiri... Mcm mana?
My assignments, semuanya berterabur!
Tutorials, not even a glance...
Malam2, kadang2 meeting atau jika tidak pun, saya tidak tahu ke mana pergi nya masa itu...
Siang2, kalau rajin saya berpuasa, tapi kebanyakan masa, saya malas...
And this week is "booth week" =p
Selalu berada di booth SRM bersempena dengan Club Registeration Week(uhh, i love my B.Melayu) =p
Baru saya sedar, di university ini ada banyak club dan x pernah surut dengan events!
Talking, chatting, gossipping with my friends is

I miss papa & mama & adik so very damn much!!!
I miss out a lots of match!!!

Just now talk to my roomie, tira
"Kita ni asyik busy meeting dgn benda2 mcm ni jer, jom buat activity keluarkan peluh sikit nak? Futsal ker paintball ker dgn classmates...;)"
Tira : "Ok =) *muka happy & setuju!* =p"
Then Ezza lalu i said: "tadi kan, i ckp dgn tira, bla bla bla bla bla"
Ezza : "Alah, poco2 sudaaa =p"
hahahahaha! ;)
Okies, i would love to do both!!! ;p

My old friends texted me, sorry guys i'm not in segamat, even in KL we hardly meet... =( We'll when all of us are free!!!

Currently, I want
hopping, paintball-ling, hanging out...
(okies, this is parallelism =p like what we learnt in eng class)

My major problem in my life, is, it hard for me to focus, it kinda new problem!!! (oh no!) Hmm... I need to focus in class! Settle all my assignments problems!!! Start doing tutorials!!! Starts doing notes!!! Start figure out GAMMA life!!!
(it juz a remonder to myself)

i want home!!!
i'm worrying about my study!!!
i'm enjoying my student's life!!!

N i found that life is hard but full of joys!!! Seriously!!! =)
And, life is beautiful?

(yes2 it is ;))

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