Friday, May 21, 2010

Uhhhh, my blog has been so senyap, menyepikan diri... hahaha!

I know it has been so boring during this holidayyy... Like, seriously... So what i have done?! Woke up at 11 or 12 everyday, online 24/7(as i wished), watching stuffs, eat, sleep(extra =p ), shopping for foods... Like crazy!

Allright, currently i watched this series, from Taiwan, “幸福一定强”(Happiness is Definitely Strong) or it commercial name, "Happy & Love Forever"! It kinda good... Mind Dao is in okay! N i like the actress, and also Lee Yi Feng... ;) *he's so cute here i think!

And tomorrow Konsert Final AF (peminat AF lar katakan =p), seriously da lama giler x tengok, n juz now i watched it dekat TV... And OMG, handsomenyerrrr Shahir!!! And tomorrow is final, and Shahir is definitely good, in everything. good looking, nice voice, sangattttt nice! But definitely i wouldn't forget that i'm Iwan's fan... haha! So, i'm gonna vote for both of them... Since my credit x luak pun cuti2 ni ;) Let's vote for the good looking champion!!!(mengada jer bunyi!) haha, whatever! =p
Allright, AF!!!

p/s : can't wait to go back to campus!!!


izza the PINKERTON said...

baru 1st week hols dah rindu campus kan kan?

Afifah said...

yes!!! rinduuu campus~
but i want it all, home, campus... susah!!! =p
ader org dpt semua... =((