Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tiket Konsert Akademi Fantasia =p

Tengok3x! I da beli ni...

See! Dari pelbagai angle i took d picture =p

Ingat senang ker nak dapat? Oh, challenging duh... =pp Ok so, actually i was trying to get it on Monday, but well, our class are very packed on Monday, so going to Alamanda at night(semangat okies!) But then, guess what?! The computer system down! Dan2 tu juga lar nak down kan! Sajer jer nak test i !!! So, da x bole nak buat macam mana, just went back lar... And the next morning, Tuesday, we had only one class at 2pm, so, puas pujuk org ni org tu(sama mcm pujuk org pergi konsert tu juga), ask them to teman me to buy the ticket, so finally ada 3 pretty girls yang baik hati(ala2 cinderella =p bodek sikit), Nadya, Zaris & Iffah, sudi temankan i! Sampai2 terus pergi Axcess counter, abang tu pun da kenal, terus buka kan AF punya page... And we are going to be seated at the FIRST row allright! Arghh, bestnyer dapat tengok Iwan, Maulana, Shahir, Adira, Daus etc from the first row! And camera, please please, roll on me, lol...

Then we had lunch at Alamanda foodcourt! Then rush back to campus for classes!

And as for this concert, i will be going with ONLY 3 of my classmates! Thank god diaorang nak pergi kan!!! Thanks =) it make my day! Love u guys! Classmates lain, ramai, tapi semua jual mahal! Kutuk2 AF lagi! cis! hehe... =p Even my friends pun langsung, haram! x mau teman, huh!
(Actually i pun not a fanatic of AF, makin fade the interest, but still wanna watch)

So, end of the entry tiket Konsert Akademi Fantasia 8 yang ke-4
Oh, btw, just go to axcess for any tickets!(Kelly Clarkson coming soon!)


Oh, yeah, and these few days, busying with Macroeconomics Assignment, gonna present tomorrow! About FISCAL POLICY... Wish me luck ;)
And just now i've done with my Spanish presentation... Por favor, whatever! hee~ =)

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