Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Haiz, today was a very tiring day... Don't know why, feels like giler penat lar!!! Seperti tidur seribu tahun juga takkan cukup =p, but every night, when it's time to sleep, tak mengantuk pula~

Today class started at 10am, FAR tutorial, and for the very first time, i feels like i'm learning something! hehehe! Seriously! Happy =D... All these while learning company account, blur jer, hahaha...

And today 1pm Tira & i kena jaga booth, college festival, we are d committees... Habis lar classmates, coursemate, friends, kenalan segala kena attack lar to join our games... hehe =] Then 3pm spanish class! Arghhh, penatnyerrr...

Then odw back from FOM to hostel tu, me & mirrah stop by dekat gerai jual shawl ni, cis! OMG! cantik2 semua duh! Tak tau nak yang mana... Of course lar beli, i bought 2!(nnti bila nak pakai tudung senang! insyaallah) Shopping thingy, just bring it on! hahaha...

sempat dier nak pose =p

coba jgn x coba =p

ayu x saya =p

Then at night ni tadi, we have to distribute flyers dekat hostel pula, room by room okies, penat!!!
And x mentioned pasal study lagi!!! Then back to room, mandi, study MA till i'm bored~
Allright! daa~

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