Saturday, March 27, 2010

And for now, i was thinking what movie to watch tomorrow and so on, haha! sucks! Okies, i should studying by now, i will, i will, i will, i will try... =p arghh! I should! This is degree Afifah, it not easy okies! Allright, afifah, please study sikit pun jadi lar, tomorrow =p

And i have some missions

~wanna study(be more hardworking!!!)
~wanna diet(hmm)
~wanna save money(so that senang nak spend nnti2 =p)
~wanna have a healthy lifestyle(sounds funny jer)

I should make a schedule on everything i think, otherwise my life such a mess... hmm, don't know lar! I should really plan when to study, what what what to do, when to eat, when to go out, when to sleep, plan my financial, arghh! a lotzzz! Whatever...

p/s : nak tengok AF lar sekejap then i should sleep... =)

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