Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Oscars

So, the Oscars was yesterday, morning... Gotta watch it LIVE from Star World, (p/s: home is great!=p)

Well, as we all know, The Hurt Locker won d title, Sandra Bullock won best actress, while Jeff Bridges won best actor, and best director won by a female, Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker)...

Okie, just let's have the Oscar red carpet here! =p Hmm, i just wanna list down my favourite looks of the day...
Let's give top 10 lar okie!

Counting down allright! =)

10. Sandra Bullock
So, the award winner, simply elegant =D

9. Jennifer Lopez
The dress unique(like origami kinda pelik for me,hihi), kinda plain but still nice... love d colour, her earings, her hair, her smile & herself! ;)

8. Cameron Diaz
She looks classic!!! and glitters!!! And pretty!!!

7. Rachel McAdams
Hmm, love the soft colour of the dress and the bottom part of the dress, soooo princess!

6. Demi Moore
Love her dress, hate her!
(hate her simply because she's married to Ashton, huh =p)
But the colour of the dress, so classy! suka lar!

5.Elizabeth Banks
I think it sooo vintage, i like d bottom part of d dress & look at her SHOES! Arghh, nice kan!

4. Carey Mulligan
Why is she so cute... For me, she's super cute with this dress!

3.Georgina Chapman

She's just gorgeous, isn't it!

2.Anna Kendrick
Love her dress, the colour of d dress, and again, her SHOES! Nice shoes!!!
Overall, great combination=
Sweet look

1. Penelope Cruz
She never fail to look like a princess, right!!!
Love her hair, her earings, her make-ups...
She's just simply lovely...

But for me this year Academy Award is not as great as previous2 year... think so? hmm, that's all!

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