Thursday, January 28, 2010

MUET registeration a.k.a. "explorace"

Today, i had fun! Feel likes main Explorace! hahaha...(macam poyo & buat org geram jer statement,hahaha...=p) Seriously what, rush sana sini, fuhh, best sih... hehe...baru semalam berangan2 jadi spy(ni almost d same lar =p)

First of all, i want to ignore whatever posted in the MMU bulletin board, terminate lar, who cares... N last night still many people yang relax, like me, cool jer about this issue, but then today we found out that many people, especially our classmates, Accounting peeps going to register this muet for this May session...

Oh, btw, i forgot to tell what the issue is...
"For June 2009 intake, students enrolling into the degree programme without Band 3 (for both ex-Foundation and Direct entry students) were given provisional offer to enter the degree programme provided that they obtain MUET Band 3 within the first year of their degree programme, failing which their status will be terminated.

Students who have not fulfilled the above requirement are advised to register in January for the next May 2010 MUET exam.

Thank you. "

Something like that lar! So, how was it...? Best tak MMU... best duh, tukar policy mcm ni, surprise! Pandai kan MMU buat surprise! =D

p/s : closing date for registeration is today, forms from MMU sold out, we have to register as private candidates lar! cool x?

So, today around 11am++, after entah berbagai-bagai discussion, we decided to register for MUET, itu pun after credit di dalam phone hampir kering, tangan da lenguh menaip dkt YM...

So, first I ask my friend to help me print out the form(That time tira takder dekat MMU) ---> so then after photostat our IC ---> straight go to our faculty, FOM to verify the photocopy of our IC ---> go to street mall to buy postal order(i waited in d car but dengar cerita that post office worker siap sediakan one line just for MMU students to buy the postal order) ---> back to mmu jemput ratna & street mall again to buy envolope(salah size)--->then go to Putrajaya PPD to submit our form
So, best tak? Best kan, kecoh gilerrr... We went there by two car Tira's and mine...With Zaris, Ratna, Gee, Anwar, Nadiah... Other classmates pun ader juga dekat sana...

Ish3x, sambil nak tunggu form lepak makan sat dekat Taman Warisan Pertanian(seberang jalan jer) lega sikit that time coz form is submitted! And actually nak puji sikit kakak2 yang kerja dekat PPD tu, they are cool & friendly lar! Not like some, ya know, offices or goverment offices lar... So, alhamdulillah...

While waiting for the form to be processed, makan dulu!
ratna & nadiah

anwar & gee

tira, zaris & me!

ABC ratna, gee & anwar (sama jer)

By the way, dalam "explorace"ni, out of all our classmates, group kitaorg kira menang sikit lar but ader yang lagi awal... Hahaha (ni pun nak berkira duh, merepek2...) =p

So, my conclusion is, best2 main explorace... Bila MMU nak buat macam ni lagi ea? Bole main yang extreme sikit...! =)

p/s : congratz to all my friends yang jadi mangsa keadaan, we're independent! We manage to settle up right! ;)

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