Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kem Generasi Gemilang

Okie, i'm back from this camp, Kem Generasi Gemilang, organized by UNITAR and Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi... Kem ni dekat Kem PLKN Pelangi Hills Resorts, Kerling, Selangor... Overall, BEST sangat3x!!! =) I'm lovin' it... ;P

Actually the MAIN activity in this camp is juz PAINTBALL... There's only 7 people represents MMU... My friends yang pergi were Tira, Zaris, Iffah, me... I think i really had fun! Lotz of kotz...
SO, first time main paintball, yerpz this is my first time... Walaupun langsung2 x terror, masuk deadbox jer 3 kali, sekali jer survive, hihi~ =P but, the game is fun, the CAMP is fun! i will be regret if i'm not going at the first place... nasib baik pergi... hehehe~

4th December
Bertolak dari MMU around 1pm juga lar, coz we were waiting for people to come, but huh! hampeh! And there's one guy from malacca, that's y lambat sikit... Then headed to UNITAR Kelana Jaya... Bertolak dari situ naik bas around 3pm sampai Kem tu around 4.30pm kotz... Then, dengar speech sikit... Then we headed to our dorm... At first 4 of us x sama bilik but then we switch to the same room... So, sama lar! haha~ At night pula, they divide us into group... After that we have to name our group and draw our flag... So, my group's name is, Pirates... hahaha(evilish)~ After that done n goto sleep...

designing our flag

5th December
Here we come, the day... Ok, early in the morning, biasalar, senaman pagi... lompat2, goyang2 tangan, kaki, mcm gaya lar! Hmm... Best! Lama x buat! Then, after minum pagi, we have to go to the field! Padang paintball kitaorg! heee~ ;)) Our have 3 games for today... First kitaorang lawan team Peace, Tuah and Puloot... First game, i dgn x sengaja tersurender, coz i feel that a bullet hit me twice then tetiba the referee buat some sign, i thought she ask me to "out" rupanyer x, siut tul! i've put my hand on my head lagi... =( 2nd and 3rd game, kena tembak arr... 2nd, dari jarak dekat, dekat pinggang... ish3x, kejam betul!!! N 3rd game, peluru sesat, tiba2 jer kena dekat lengan, lebam terus... haha~ And at night pula, there's a ceramah motivasi, and it quite interesting lar... Then malam makan kambing, haha, bbq konon, sedap lar juga...

(pozi, me, zainab, audrey, dut)


oh, loveeee this place!!!! =)


miss those times...

6th December
Okie! Happy birthday Tira!!! =)) Love ya!
Okie, early in d morning as usual(usual lar sgt) first activity is senaman pagi... Best!!! =)) Then we played this one game, 007 Bang... pun best! i almost became top 3 tapi tersingkir jua sebelum sempat melangkah ker peringkat akhir, hahaha~ Then we start the war again... Today our team only have one game... Lawan team Samudera... And i really like this team, really profesional... hihi~ and this time round, i survived until the game end...yeayy ;P... And our group manage to take the flag juz x sempat reach the end point coz Samudera did it first...
Then after that we went back to dorm, to get ready to go back*sedihnyer...=( Then around 5pm, we gather for majlis penutup, bagi2 hadiah, the top 4 team ader Samudera, Phoenix, Akasuki & cili api kotz... There's one team, i love the way their playing, ader hero, team Kito... And i watch Akasuki too, they are great juga, their strategi tu... mesti 2 org ambil flag so that one can defend another...

ni lar main 007 bang!


dorm mates... =)

So, the camp end there... =(

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