Saturday, November 7, 2009

Siang tadi, really bored okie... Like... bored to death... Hmm~ kenapa entah... Maybe coz cant talk so much kotz... haha... yelar, like, who gonna talk with me, my roomies pendiam2 belaka... N when i was small, my uncle used to called me "battery lebih", got what i mean; n during high school pula, my english teacher tu, melampau... Other people talking, n she thought it was me... haha~ so, terseksa x x bercakap for me... Zaris balik rumah(dia memang geng borak okie!), tira pun balik... Hmm~ Menyesal pula x ikut mama pergi melaka n then muar for attending some relatives wedding...

So, da lar hostel like, no people! Try to contact mira, da pergi KL?! So, finally headed to Alamanda jer lar, with Tika... At least x berkurung dalam bilik right! So, have lunch at precint 9 first, minum petang(bak kata tika) A&W, n bought dinner, sushi(which can includes for breakfast tmorrow)... So, i juz window shopping coz, hello, alamanda, mcm rumah kedua kotz, kejap2 pergi, kejap2 pergi... haha~

our so called "minum petang"... hee~ =P

So, tomorrow mama & papa are coming to visit me (ceh, mcm lama jer x jumpa, haha~) So, looking forward tomorrow, as tomorrow also, MANCHESTER UNITED VS CHELSEA! 

As for now, i'm in d library actually... Rajin x... Kan da cakap i have to be reallllyyyy rajin, but in my room... i really cant focus, at least here, better...
So, daa~

And, biler dpt tgk Pisau Cukur lagi ni... =(

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