Monday, November 23, 2009

Hmm~ penat2... hihihi~ study dekat library lar konon, with tika... yeah2... i've done very little revision... yeayy!!! =) at least... 
So, yesterday evening actually papa, mama & adik come to visit me(eceh...), haiz, papa & mama cannot leave me lama sikit ker, baru x jumpa 2 minggu... How can i become a big girl then... But nevermind, coz i am... haha~ So, we had dinner at Bagan Lalang, Restoran Terapung H.M. Sri Bagan (promo sikit, hehe~)... And we had dinner with my cousins and uncle too... We ate seafood of course... Ader steamed prawns, sweet sour fish, ikan siakap tiga rasa, and etc... So, after makan2, going back to hostel of course... Coz, i have to study(konon) for my midterm if not nak jer ikut papa & mama... 

adik(sibuk2 jer nak copycat pose org...hee~)

~Some of the foods~

adik n angah(my cousin)

Nevermind, few days later, raya haji and i'm sooo going back...
It just strange, if i could i want everything to be by my side, campus, family, friends, my pets, my stuffs, everything... hihi ;))

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