Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Favourite Wedding Dress From Movies

When we speak about wedding, the 1st thing that'll pop up in every girls mind is, "the dress"!!! (not the groom, sorry)
No, this is real, every girl gonna agree with me, we'll think about dress first, no offence, guys! :p

Speaking about the dress... I, have my very own favourite wedding dresses from few movies... 
And as a bride-to-be, (pssst i need some inspiration) :p

Blair Waldorf -Gossip Girl
The dress she wore during her wedding day with Chuck... 
What i adore most from this dress is, the Elie Saab

I wish~ 

Princess Mia-Princess Diaries 2

Remember the scene? Wedding dress without a wedding! I have to admit that i love Anne Hathaway as well. 

While the dress, simple flare and french lace.
Tick tick! 

Kate Hudson-Bride Wars
 "You don't alter Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera"
This gorgeous dress, i love every details of it! 
(but i'm so gonna look fat if i wear something like this on my body, i'm short, remember? and a bit fat :p)

Anne Hathaway-Bride Wars
Bride Wars is the best movie about bride, ever!
Loving' the dress that Anne Hathaway's wearing as well! The trumpet cut really show off her figure and i love love loveee the dress! Loving it a lil too much! Wanna wear this please!

Bella Swan - Twilight

(hate her)

Last but not least, my most favourite dress! (eventho i hate her so much!) 
Simple yet so gorgeous, the most amazing dress! 
The lace on the sleeves, the button at the sleeves and the back of the dress, and it is undeniable that the best part of the dress is the lace at the back (it is see thru) :p 
But I love the sleeves the most! 


Puteri Panda said...

Suka yg last juga terutama part sleeves. Masa kahwin hari tu plan buat mcm tu tp sekali tailor x faham2. Mula2 kata faham sekali dia buat lain. Sedih. Sabar je la.

A Girl Like You said...

kan! the sleeves!!!!! tu la... yang penting, dah kahwin! :)))