Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Pisang Cheese

One Friday, a few cliques and I went out to look for this The Pisang Cheese.
Actually, we have been talking about goreng pisang cheese since the week before. We talked and even searched for some good places in instagram.

Finally Kak Sarah(my leader) said she found a place, so we headed there the next day... 
This stall is located in a Mamak stall , Restoran Jamal in kelana jaya, right in front of Wisma FAM.

We bought one box for each of us for the sake of tasting.
There are chocolate, white choc, salted caramel, original flavour etc.

I bought original flavour and we finished it there, and i bought salted caramel(which was really really good) back to the office! 
My personal favourite would be Salted Caramel & chocolate! 

I just added few miligrams (or grams) of fats into my body, that day! =.=

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