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Just Cheese @ NY Steak Shack

Assalamualaikum & hi!!!

My love towards cheese & steaks are undeniable!

This time 'round, when I saw there're CHEESE-BASED new limited-time menu in NY Steak Shack, I decided to just go in and try!

Plusss, their steak's price are below average! Affordable! And I'm so happy with the food, as well as the bills!

Fyi, NY Steak Shack is a halal steak place in Malaysia!

Head over to your nearest NY Steak Shack and you guys can enjoy, not just steaks, but also other delicious menu such as chicken, lamb, burgers, pasta, as well as seafood! 

They outlets locations: 
📍 NYSS IOI City Mall
📍 NYSS Aeon Shah Alam
📍 NYSS Setapak Central
📍 NYSS Selayang Mall

NY Steak Shack Menu

Just Cheese, New Limited-Time Menu!!!

Heads up, cheese lovers!❤️😍

Lets indulge in the NEW Just Cheese limited time offer menu by NY Steak Shack🥩

Recently, I managed to try out these cheezy scrumptious menu with my family😍 We just love how the cheese sauce perfectly matched with the other ingredients in the plate...

Here are the menu:
🧀Sizzling Cheesy Ribeye
🧀Sizzling Cheesy Crispy Chicken
🧀Crispy Chicken Cheesy Pasta
🧀Cheesy Lychee Peach Tea

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The Food 

Sizzling Cheese Ribeye

For the steak, we can choose two sides to complete the meal.
We choosed Mix Vegas & Mashed Potatoes
And as for the steak, we can choose the doneness as well❤️

This time 'round, I choosed Medium, and walla! The steak are pink in the inside, so tender & juicy! 

Mix it with the limited time CHEESE SAUCE, perfections!

wagyu halal near me

halal steak near me

Sizzling Cheesy Crispy Chicken

This dish was so good as well! The chicken was cooked to perfections! Crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside! 

As for this chicken dish, we can choose two sides as well. We choosed Fries & Mix Veggies!

NY steak shack Full Menu

Crispy Chicken Cheesy Pasta

Love love the pasta, too! Creamy and cheesy taste! Perfect for our tastebuds! 
The pasta was served with crispy pop corn chicken as well! And the whole combination was perfect! Creamy pasta with crispy and juicy chicken!

harga ny steak shack

Cheesy Lychee Peach Tea

We also took the opportunity to try out their cheesy drinks! We tried the Cheesy Lychee Peach Tea! 
Surprisingly good! Rifqi loves it! 

Lychee carry the sweetness while peach is a bit sour, both compliments the creaminess  of the whole cheese drink!

And the set we ordered also comes with a bottomless soda drink!

So guys, lets visit NY Steak Shack near you and enjoy these limited time JUST CHEESE sensations‼️

More details, visit NY Steak Shack's website & social media!





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