Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Luckin Kopi @ Jalan Panggong, KL

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Ok I was looking for something different to try this time. Not a typical cafe with cakes and coffees...
(But must still be instaworthy, haha...)

Thus, i found this place, a contemporary kopitiam style of eatery, located at Jalan Panggong, KL.
It's actually in Petaling Street area, not far from the Pasar Seni MRT Station, just few steps away je, 
it's so convenient to get there by train, tak sempat bakar lemak jalan dari station tu, dah sampai depan kopitiam ni...

But anyhow, we came here by car, and there's a paid parking area right in front of this restaurant!
So convenient!

The Menu & the Prices

Browsine thru the menu, i was quite surprise on how reasonable the prices of the foods and drinks are.
Despite of many other eateries charging ridiculous prices, this kopitiam still manage to charge a very affordable price.

The price ranging from RM5.90 to RM30.

And there were a lotzzz of foods to choose from.

Got confused la. Nak makan western ke, Malaysian ke, fusion ke...

The Foods

We tried quite a lot of foods there.
And of course, we tried their coffee and they have one of the best coffee!
Less sweet and kaw!

And my top choices of foods are the Salted Egg Pasta, the pasta was loaded with too many shrimps, so satisfying!

The Petai Bun was also my favourite. The bun was kinda sweet and when u dip into the sambal udang petai, awww, perfection! I mean it!

And of course the Buttermilk Chicken Chop is so nice, too!!!

Petai Bun  RM12.90

Buttermilk Chicken with Rice  RM11.90

Salted Egg Pasta  RM20.90

Buttermilk Chicken Chop

Cheesy Indo Mee  RM14.90

Toast, with butter, kaya, peanut butter and also chocolate spread.

Ais Kacang 

The Ambience

Nice ambience in an eatery is very compulsory for me. 
Baru lah selesa nak duduk spend time dengan family, my cute lil family...

As for Luckin Kopi, they have such a cozy ambience.
I love how spacious this place is, and the arrangement of the tables are very comfortable.
U can choose whether to dine upstairs or downstairs.
As for that day, we choosed upstairs... Sebab dah alang-alang bergambar kat tangga kan... :p

p/s : The ambience are so nice and i took a lots of photos :p

First, OOTD!
Semua gambar with moving Rifqi, tak reti dok diam!

Enjoying Ice Lemon Tea in a very cozy ambience, hehe...

We had a great time at Luckin Kopi! 


Tqa London said...

Rasanya baru semalam saya baca blog post pasal cafe ni.
Dah roger kawan2 dah ajak lepak sini bila cuti nanti sebab terliur tengok ramen cheese tu.
Harga tersangatlah affordable.

Princesa3290 said...

Yes babe, better ajak kawan2, baru boleh order macam2 menu and rasa merasa... hehe... spoiled with choices! I love the Salted Egg Pasta & Petai Bun!