Friday, December 1, 2017

Grind 22

After attending a wedding with the in laws, my husband took us for coffee sesh somewhere in Bangsar.
That's how it always goes during weekend!

He brought us to this place where he and his friends met up once.

Not so many cakes to choose from, but enough for us to chill and have a cup of coffee (or juice).
I ordered carrot juice (healthy sangat) and pandan gula melaka cake; and my husband as usual, ordered a cup of long black and he also got himself a choclate tart ;and we bought vanilla ice cream for Rifqi.
It was a goat milk ice cream.

The ice cream was good! And so many more flavours to choose from (eg: salted caramel, chocolate, gula melaka etc)... And i love my pandan gula melaka cake so very much!

Overall, i rate this place 3 stars and 1/2, good place to chill, but i want more choices of cakes! ;p

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