Friday, August 4, 2017

Seoul Beauty Hauls

Hi loves! 
So after a few pages of long posts about my trip to Seoul, Korea, now it is time for the exciting part, I am about to share the skincare and beauty products i've purchased throughout my days in Korea.
Well as we all know, Korea is well known for the beauty products... 

And i have to admit one thing, all the Korean ladies are all well groomed, tidy and so fashionable regardless of their age and jobs...
Salute for that!

 So my hotel were surrounded by so many shops of all brands, as well as drugstores...
So i've been eyeing on that since day one i'm in Seoul!

However, regarding the prices, if people are telling u it is cheaper to buy Korean products in Korea, they are wrong, as, due to currency rate, the difference between the prices in Malaysia & Korea might be only a few cents... 


It's Skin

It's Skin is still not available in Malaysia, that's why i was so eager to buy a few products from this trip for the sake of trying, thinking that i will not be able to buy it here in KL!

Vita-E Soothing Gel in Almond, Collagen Serum & Sesame Street Mask Sheets

It's Skin Vita-E Soothing Gel in Almond
I started to use this soothing gel since i was in Seoul, cause the weather there making my skin so dry. And after using this gel, i can see my skin is moist and not dry anymore... I'm loving this gel so much!

It's Skin Collagen Nutrition Serum
 Honestly i haven't use this one yet, 'cause i bought a lot of serums and face mists and i have to try 'em on one by one :p

However, the salesgirl told me to apply this serum after we apply toner and moisterizer...



I wasn't thinking to buy any Lush products during this trip, since my last Lush haul are still there...
But i was forced by my husband... 
 So here we are............

Tea Tree Water & Don't Look at Me body scrub

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water
 This toner is amazing! I love it! I'm using it currently with my SkinFood moisterizer.
It helps the moisterizer to absorb better into my skin!

Cheers for Lush!

 As for the body scrub, it's moisterize our skin and our skin will look fairer right away after applying it...



Skinfood has always been my favourite. Thus, i took this chance to stock up my Skinfood products...

Foam Cleanser in honey flour, Yuja Water skincare set

Skinfood Yuja Water serum

I am using this serum currently, and. well let see how it works...
I believe serum is long term kind of thing...
Hope it helps my skin from aging :p

Yuja Water Face Cream
I use this as my day and night cream
I love the texture so much! It is not sticky and it easily absorbed into my skin! 
Will definitely restock once it finish!


The Face Shop

To be honest, i didn't planned to shop from Faceshop... But while waiting for my family at the Lotte Mall, saw this kiosk and started to browse thru their products...
And as a girl, lepas browse barang, browse bakul pulak nak isi barang :p

The Faceshop collagen water (facemist) & Grapefruit Pamplemousse Body Lotion

The Faceshop Collagen Water
I just love this collagen water so much.
I always put this in my handbag and it help to refresh my skin and keep it moist!
Savior of all time!

Grapefruit Body Lotion
To be honest, i hasn't use it yet! Sorry!



 One of my favourite brand, since i was in Malaysia...

Innisfree cushion foundation & mask sheets

This is my first time using the cushion foundation.
I love how we can choose the design for our foundation casing, i choosed a purple case.
And i really love the texture of cushion foundation, it is easily absorbed and it helps to moisture our skin... 

As for the mask sheets, i used to buy 'em in Malaysia cause it is cheapest among other brands! 


Ok, till my next journey and my next haul!

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