Monday, August 21, 2017

Clothing Color Combinations Ideas

Starting Monday with a beneficial entry like this! Erm... I'm lovin' it!
Color coordinations & combinations is very important to me... Wearing the right outfits, with the right hijab, carrying the right handbag and then walk in the right shoes, it all matters to me! 
I don't want to be the centre of attractions with the wrong reason...

Oh one more thing, i don't prefer color blocking, but i would wear 'em once in a while...
My most favourite is pastel colors, and i would wear them often! 

Anyway, here's are some color combinations ideas i would like to share! 
I ranked them from my most favourite, to the least (but still favor)!

Pink to grayed jade

Pink & turquoise

Color layers

Rose brown to grayed jade

Blue + neutral

Layers of purple + beige/champagne

Purples & peach

Purple, pink &  peachy flamingo

Layers of green & turquoise

Yellow & neutral colors (eg:gray)

Green and beige

Blue + orange

Erm, i hate pairing yellow with green :pp

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