Monday, June 12, 2017

Eid Halal Korean Food, Bandar Baru Bangi

See! This is sooo post-vacation syndrome...
Not my syndrome, it my papa, tokki si Rifqi!
He craved for Korean foods, haha! And since the owner of Eid Restaurant in Itaewon told him that they have a branch in Bangi, my dad pun tak zabar2 nak pergi makan situ...


The interior

From what i can see, the size of this restaurant is not so big, but they place a mirror along the restaurant and that gave an illusion of extra space of the area... 

The restaurant is simply decorated and it is quite comfortable since the crowd during that night is small...
However, they should provide more baby chair, since they only have two, and that obviously not enough that night :p


The foods are all good! I couldnt be better! I love all the dishes and it makes me missed Korea evenmore! 


The prices ranging from RM15-RM25++...
And the plain water here is chargeable (which in Korea, they don't)


Stir fried beef...

Some grilled chicken... Loving the sauce!


My teokbokki with rice... Actually in other Korean eatery such as Dubuyo etc, they dont serves teokbokki with rice, it is to be eaten by themself!

My favourites ♥

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