Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mama's birthday Dinner @ Latest Recipe

This time, the decision has been made by papa, so takyah nak pening2, we straight away headed to Le Meridien Putrajaya for my mama's birthday buffet dinner! Yeayyy!
Siapa terselit tu???

Unexpectedly, for certain credit card holder, we can get like, 30% discount if i' not mistaken...
(CIMB, Maybank, Citibank, that's all i can remember)
So the cafe was quite crowded that night, but don't worry, the foods are enough for everyone...

 Served variety of foods... a lil too variety i guess...
There are pastas, pizzas, sate, rice & malay, chinese, indian dishes, Indian cuisines like naan & even crab curry(yummy), western foods (potato gratin, grilled veges, grilled seafoods and meats), Japanese cuisines (SUSHI!!!), salads and much more!!!

The first thing i took, was, sushi, definitely...
It taste so good!!!Takde la sama je semua rasa...!!!

however, the pastas are the downside... It kinda tasteless... As a fan of pasta, it really disspointing... 


The salad was good though!


The ambience was good... The dining place is really spacious... So memang tak sempit & easy to walk around... Buffet table also very long & variety, to be honest, i don't even have to queued up for foods for the whole night!

In conclusion, we really happy with the buffet... And happy birthday mama, i love u!!! 

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