Monday, June 20, 2016

My Wedding Story : The Nikah & Berinai Pelamin

The nikah and berinai dais was meant to be set up at my house since both the ceremony was to be held in my house...

Met the PIC and told him that i wanted purplish-blue themed pelamin, but it ended up to be purple-pink theme... Lucky that the pelamin looks nice so i let go my wants to have that blue purple themed thingy... Plus, the pink bright up the dais and matched my house's curtain as well~ 

For Pelamin, we used Didie Deanial Bridal services. This bridal house is based in Batu Pahat & Segamat

I am very lucky that my mama and I found this bridal house in my hometown, Segamat, for our pelamin, once we saw their works, i felt more relieved as i know it is not easy to get pelamin yang tak nampak teruk sangat in a small town like my hometown...

Otherwise we'll have to look for options outside segamat... I insist! 

I'm happy with the outcome... Plus, ramai yang puji... but one thing is, i forgot to ask them to block the wall so that we could hide all the photos on the wall... But it ok la that gambar papa dgn mama tercongok kat situ sebab they pay for the pelamin, LOL :p

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