Sunday, August 23, 2015

Coffee Cottage (Cats Cafe) @ SS15

This time 'round, i'm not going to write much about coffee, but more about cats :p
Went to this cafe after some open house sesh(that's why i'm in my baju kurung)... 

Helloo Queenie!

Husband is the one who suggested this cafe (he really read a lot!)
As i reach this cafe, i feel super tired, so my appetite towards coffee was zero.
But the problem is everyone who came to this cafe must order something, not just play with cats...

So my husband ordered a cup of coffee for himself & a chocolate tartlet (for us)...

So, our evening was full of fur, and love! 

His name is Chappie! I loves him, the first cat who greet me at the cafe! 

And ni, kucing besar =.=

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