Monday, May 18, 2015

Mama's Day

Despite of our busy-ness, 
(mama & papa busy preparing for wedding, and i'm busy with work and wedding), yeayyy we actually gotta spend time for a dinner, before she went back to segamat again (to prepare the wedding yang  tak habis2).
i promised her to belanja her makan for this year's mother's day, and lucky that i got a chance...

My papa on the other hand, keep on worrying and nak bayarkan! 
No papa it ok, only this time! :pp 

My parents are soooo busy as if they're getting married again! :p

Manhattan Fish Market Alamanda. 
Besides my family, my lil girl, Amni & Adni (with their parents of course) joined us too! Pak cik (my mom's brother aka my uncle) pun ada!

Got my mother a Chanel that i could afford. 
At the mean time, this is the only chanel i could afford...

I love my mom! 
I just want to always make them proud! 

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Kecik Anis said...

haip/.. jalan2 smbil baca entry... sambil follow.. jom follow blog kecik..