Sunday, February 22, 2015

PCLO Cafe @ Bangsar

Last few weeks, (i can't remember which week anymore), after settling things around Bangsar, it coffee sesh timeee! 

My fiance's phone contain an app to look for good coffee places, so, i think it brilliant! No, he's brilliant! :p
(harus lah puji boyfriend sendiri~ untung2 dapat bath & body works keeeeee)

PCLO Cafe was our choice that evening! located right behind Modvier Bangsar... 

Pekerja kat situ dah la sorang, he's the one who makes coffees, fried the churros and kitaorang tambah lagi kerja dia... :p "can u please help us take photo thanksss =.=" :p

No lah, he's really friendly! We talked when he served the churros to us so, alang-alang kan...

Cappuccino (RM 8.90) & Long Black (6.90)

Churros (RM 7)

The churros were yummilicious!!! 
The coffee was also good... !!! 
Just, tasted like a good coffee...! 

Anyway, i love the location of this shop! It is different from any other coffee shops! Really! 
U should go check out this place, and tell the different! :)

I loves this place, anyway...

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