Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Birthday lunch date with fiance

Salam. hey...
First of all, i'm gonna say 'bout my birthday is, he tried to surprise me :p And i let him think that it was successful LOL! :p
Heeee~ :p

In conclusion, that day, he came to my workplace and took me out for lunch... 
And he brought flowers too... 
*what else could i ask for?! Sweet jugak la... sweet sikit je :p*

That's it i'm gonna tell...
My next few paragraphs gonna be about how good the foods at Tony Roma's and how good their services are!

He bought my favourite flavour, red velvet, from, i don't know where...
I don't need to know right, it was a surpriseee :p

Coming into the restaurant and we were served with some bread and butter as compliment after we ordered our foods...

And then i took a few selfies with his phone while he went to the washroom
(maybe dia nak plan yang konon surprise tu agaknya, i rasa-rasa jew ye uols :p)

The most awesome and wholesome meals of the month! 

Iced Lemon Tea

Free bread & butter
Bread & butter, puding je yg tertinggal... 

His BBQ Half Chicken

So obviously the chicken was half and the BBQ sauce, was tooo delicious! 

Pan Seared Salmon with Mashed Potatoes & Brocolli with garlic scampi butter sauce...

So i ordered this one... Hmm, sedapnya lahai~
I loveee loveeee the salmon, 
and the star of the dish was the mashed potato, it was too sedap!

And so sweet of Tony Roma's to gave us a free desserts since it was my birthday! 

They also gave me a birthday card and sang birthday song for me
  (as per requested by izzat, for sure... takkan tetiba bangla2 tu sweet2 nak syok sendiri nyanyi kat meja i ye dok!)

I had such a good time sayang! Thank u! 
I really really had a good time!

And Tony Roma's, ur service is great!

Don't ask what figure my current age is! :p

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