Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Celebration at the workplace.

So, 3rd of February was my birthday
and it falls on Thaipusam day this year, which is also a working day for me...  =.= 

That's why semua dress up macam simple & hampeh je, including me... =.=

Just happen that it was Canny's birthday as well, yeah, satu team 8 orang, 2 orang share the same birthdate... 

And my team lead Kak Sarah 'lead' us to Starbucks and we had the coffee break since we're working until late night that day~ 

She treat all of us with 3 piece of cakes, and she mentioned "kalau kek ni 3 ringgit satu akak belikan korang sorang satu..." 


Puteri Panda said...

Happy belated birthday, dear! kek sebelah kanan tu sedap. salted caramel butterscotch klu x silap. ;)

A Girl Like You said...

Thanks, dear!!! :) Yerpz... yg kanan tu caramel something and memanggg sedappp! ;)