Friday, December 12, 2014

New lipcare

It Burt Bees.

Actually I have been eyeing on these products for quite a while, and all of  a sudden, i have these stuffs in my house! ;) Lol.

I didnt bought these, my dad brought these home and he got these as a souvenir when he joined a tournament last few weeks... 

Lucky that in my family, i'm the only girl (mama doesn't count) so i don't have to share... 
Big yeayyy! 
hahaha ;)

I've only tried the lipbalms

And, tell u what, these are one of the best lipbalm i've tried! Loving 'em! 
The lipbalm really moisterize my lips and my chapped lips problem kinda resolved as well!

Another tips to take care of your lips is, do drink a lot of water and always brush your lips using a toothbrush to remove the dead cell anddd always carry a lipbalm in your bag! :)
(Carry & pakai lipbalm tu, kalau bawa sesaje je your lips will still dry :p)

Simple tips from yours truly! Thanks ;)

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