Monday, November 17, 2014

VCR Coffee

Coffee hunting story, again =.=
I really hope no ones get bored, yet... 
 We are boring liddat! :p Lol!

 It's located at Jalan Galloway, Bukit Bintang (it not far from bukit bintang).

This time 'round, it was actually my idea to hang out here...
Since he loves coffees so much, i take my time to do some research where else we haven't tried. Blergh... haha...

Actually, he did contributed a lot of ideas as well regarding what to do during our dates & where to eat or where to have our evening tea/coffee, too...
But, he should be gentleman and let me take the credit! :p

Located in an old buidling, it was quite a nice coffee shop actually. 
We decided to chilled upstairs. so that we could see the view from above, but too bad, there's only one table left and there's no window there... =.=


As usual, we would prefer long blacks. 

His blueberry cheesecake
RM 13

My lemon curd cheesecake
RM 13

And the long black coffee cost us around RM 7 each.

 We would say that we didn't love the cakes, but the coffees are black & tasty...
But the cakes... Kinda dissapointing... However, this was such a nice place! I had a great time!

For now, i'm kinda sick of coffee already, let's find some ice-cream or tea places, shall we? 


Ok till then!


cikpuanyuz said...

hai Afifah...jalan2 singgah sini :)

A Girl Like You said...

Hiii! :) Thank u and nice meeting u ;)