Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Acme Bar & Coffee @ Troika Place.

Salam. hi! 

First of all, i'm lovin' this place... It was a beautiful place, especially at night... Such a lovely place to chill with friends or hang out with the loved one! 

Tak pecaya? Tengok gambar bawah, hehe...

I can't remember whether the foods was good or no good 'cause the place is too cozy :p haha... 
Okfine, for me the food was average BUT unique, hard to find it elsewhere, their own recipe i guess! 

I said so because my fettuccini was not quite al-dante, 
maybe that night je kot tak al-dante, sebab diaorg neves sangat tengok 4 gadis-gadis cantik datang, hahaha, 
gurau je~ Tak boleh gurau pergi surau... 

But the taste of my fettucini was still good, just the pasta not quite soft. 

Candle-light dinner concept, eventhough it not that romantic with 'em girls,
lol... :p

Gee & Mirrah, I dont have Ezz'a solo picture anyway, she didn't gave it to me, sob sobs.

Scallop Truffle Aglio Olio (Mine)
RM 41

Sambal Hebi Aglio Olio Spaghetti (Ezza's & Mirrah's)
RM 31

The Grilled Chicken Breast (Gee's)
RM 39

Sizzling Brownie & Oreo Ice Cream (Ada orang belanja ;))
So i forgot the price... 

Great place, great dinner, great light, great companions, greattt night! 

Last but not least, i paste my 'ladylike' pose for u guys thanks =.=

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