Sunday, May 11, 2014

All Fired Up by M.A.C.

Salam... hiiii! 

Okay, this is my new collection of M.A.C.
Oh i'm lovinggggg this color so so much! (Pernah ke tak loving?! =.=)

It kinda the mixture of hot red & pink.
And it a matte lipstick!
Worn it already... heee~

U'll see this color on me in the next post! 

Yes, mine is All Fired Up
My next target is, i dont know yet, but maybe something nude or something pink... ;)



Izzah Farihah said...

Its currently my fav lipstick! So pretty <3

A Girl Like You said...

Right!!! Cantik kan!

Lina Azhari said...

such a hot shade! nice!

A Girl Like You said...

Kannn! Loveee it! ;)