Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Johnny Rockets @ Avenue K

Salam... hi!
So, straight to the point about what we had & the prices...  Hope this would help! ;)

Bacon Cheddar Single
RM 24.90

RM 21.90

Most of the burgers are beef bacon patties and i heard that's the best thing here (besides the milkshakes)!
However, we didnt ordered milkshake, i dont like milk so much...

As for drinks, we ordered Earl Grey Tea (RM 6.90) & Root Beer  (RM 6.90)

And the dancing part, how cute they are!

Anyway, sorry la... this entry is too short... rasa malas gilaaaa nak tulis panjang2! :p
See ya!


ayu mee said...

sdp ny,,,jd lapar plak

A Girl Like You said...