Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Kitchen Rules Season 5

My Kitchen Rules have been my very very very favourite! SO VERY FAVOURITE tv show out of everything!
Well, it has comes to season 5, now! ;)

Fyi, MKR is an Australian cooking compatition reality tv... Just google! 
Malas nak layan :p

I watched it through Diva channel, last time, from season 3 to 4... And now, for season 5 it hasn't aired here in Malaysia yet, so i have to, download it, just, somewhere! syhhh...

Last night, the dreamy and adorable HARRY & Cristo has left the show, beaten by Helena & Vikki in sudden death cookoff challenge... I'm so glad that Helena & Vikki could made through! 
It just, too bad there's no more dreamy, handsome & funny Harry in the show, anymore... Plus, there's rumours saying that there's somekind of romance, between Harry & Bianca (another contestant of the show)...
Hmmm~  So she was sad, agaknya... lol... go google laaa~

Anyway, these are my top favourite contestants! ;)

1.  Cathy & Anna (Mother & daughter)  

I hope they could make it through to the final, and win, maybe! They're a good cook!
Anna is a food critic, love her job, love her! 
Cooking with her mom, they're cute! Anna is gorgeous! sometimes,I even think that i have some girl crush towards her~ :p

2. Helena & Vikki (Twins)

They are one of my favourite team, too! They might be the winner, as well!
They're so cool! Yeah it kinda cool to have a twin!
One thing i like about them is, they shared a brain, definitely & they never hug each other when they're happy (like other girls did), they'll just, smile, or high 5...
Cute betul!

3. Harry & Cristo (Best mates)

They're hmm, nothing much... Not really a good cook... I didnt adore them so much... It just... Harry is so good looking... I havent fall for any guy for quite a long time already...  The last time i remember, hmm, Cristiano Ronaldo, Shahrukh Khan maybe, Raymond Lam from Hong Kong, and last but not least, Izzat kot (my boyfriend, so xyah kepochi nak google, sebab xde pun kat sana :p) ... haha... So Harry, u're cute!
Especially when he looked at Bianca when he almost left! Lover boy can be super cute!


Anyhow anyway, my forever favourite contestant is Jennifer Evans! ;) Season 3!

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