Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Humble Chef Cafe, Bukit Damansara

Well after the wedding (Refer to the post below), and after HIS shopping therapy session, we were looking for place for dinner la!
And he always have suggestions tau! 

So this time, it was, western at a low price, in a very chillexing environment
Presenting, The Humble Chef Cafe @ Bukit Damansara

Lets go straight to the point...

Carbonara Spahetti with lamb
RM 5

Pesto Spaghetti with Chicken
RM 5

Sementara bergambar2 buat tangan good2 semua, we get hungry again, tak cukup spaghetti je... 

So we decided to order some more foods!

Beef Pita
RM 5

RM 2.50

However, for beverages, there are very limited selections, only basic drinks, so we didnt order any drinks! ;)
And we really2 satisfied with ALL the foods there!!! 
Taste very good & the price is way toooo reasonable!!! 


Siti Hajar said...

Wah. Murah harge spagetti dia. Selalu mahal lagi kan.. Nampak oke ^^

A Girl Like You said...

it too murah!!! :) tempat lain xdapat harga ni rasanya! :p

Daboo said...

Nak try nanti! :)