Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sector Focused Career Fair by Talent Corp

Salam & hey people
Well maybe I seldom talk about this, but today I want to touch a bit on, ehem ehem,CAREER!
All of us already know, how important education is, everyones know!
But after we finish our tertiary education, the place we gonna put ourself into, that’s very very very important too! 
What the path u gonna choose, what kind of industry/company u want to contribute ur service for, all that! U gonna take all that into account, coz that’s gonna be part of ur life! As a smart student,  there’s a word called “research”… hehehe…

Doing research on what career path u gonna take, is a very very rational action as a student!
CAREER FAIR, is a very helpful tool for us students to find out what are we looking for *sounds mysterious, ignore please*
My point is, career fair gonna help u lots in ur job hunting!!!

Sector Focused Career Fair by Talent Corp Malaysia is one of the best career fair I’ve been to.
I just went to the one held in UITM Shah Alam last week! Talent Corp is organizing SFCF to provide exposure and attract young malaysian graduates to pursue their career with the fast growing shared service sector. The focus areas was Shared Services and Outsourcing (SSO).

The companies they invited are all huge company and are all well known!
Companies like Sime Darby, Kimberly Clark, HP, IBM, Galaxo Smith Kline etc!!!
Huge names haaa! ;)

One more good thing about SFCS is that, it was not too crowded and u can ask ur questions clearly…  Some of the other career fair were too crowded and it hard for you to talk to the person in charge there!

Talked to one of the team leader of Financial Reporting department in Kimberly Clark
He talked a lot about his job, the company etc! Sounds exciting!

One of the spot for students for talks sessions!

Another good thing about SFCF is that, the venue & the set up is nice and attractive!!!

Plus, i found this event very exciting because i am going to hunt for jobs soon after i'm done with my ACCA's papers... So this career fair is an opportunity and eye opener for me and other graduates out there to find their ideal job & companies to work with!

 Ok finally, tell u what, u can clear whatever doubt u have about the company by attending this career fair and for those who are looking for places for internship or to build future career (like me), u can try ur luck by dropping ur resume there!  

Anddd, do like their facebook 
to get more info & to catch their schedule!!! ;)

Till then! ;)

*Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post.


noly anna said...

salam.wahhh,best nya career fair.time i dolu2 xde ponn hahaha kaut je career ape yg mendatang kikiki if nak jadi bisneswoman as full time or part time bole la contact i, bole kite sembang2 :)

Mya said...

good info! :))