Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dreamy Dreamy Dreams :p

Hi peeps!
Now is october... well, my exam is just 'round the corner... :( But i really dont think i can do it this time! i havent really study! but i will, eventually~ but it seems too late :( hmmm~
Next week onwards, my revision classes will start, tons of classes! hmmph! :(

Btw, december, january and february are always my favourite months
I have tons on plans! I even started to plan it one by one! It so fun to make plans ya know! 
Anyway, if anyone have any ideas on romantic places to dine, romantic ideas/activities for dates (erghhh everything is romantic nowadays?) PLEASE DO TELL ME!Yeah thats what so special about these months i was talking about.


And hey, i cant believe i am an adult now... but i'm still acting like a babygirl in my family, but im an independent babygirl okay!... eh yeke... However im so excited about adults life! Everything adults! Real adults! Adults girlish life! At home, i cooked, drink juices, haha! I wanna be a healthy woman la, kelakar x? :p One more thing i want to exercise, but 1st, im too lazy to start; 2nd, lack of time; 3rd, dont know where to exercise! 
Sometimes i wear masks sambil reading magazines or just online!, make my own scrub, foot scrub la and all, real woman wannabe sangat! :p But best tau! Me time is essential okay! u should try too!


One more thing! my special someone, he's started working already! Congratulations sayang :) 
i'm waiting for him to have dinner now, tu yang update blog sket... alkisah~ 
we're no longer, bachelor degree students! (Well professional course doesnt count! :p hehe)
it so happened that, we're adults! 

I'm so excited about, hmm, adult life : adults dates (highlighted)! Like what i saw in those movie ya know! go for stage theatre maybe, or having nice meals (as adults) in a nice French restaurant maybe (ko berangan restoran pherancis kat malaysia!), or just walk or sit under the stars, or picnic, or go watch football or something! hmm so sweet...just like in those movies, 'Notting Hill' or '10 Things I Hate About You' or even 'how to lose a guy in 10 days' thingy...

Maybe i should go get a basket like that, nanti boleh la feeling2 picnic! ;) 

French restaurant? lah sangat~  siap google2 gambar! :D

Kira2 bila jadi REAL adults sekarang, nak hidup macam dalam movie la, gitu~ Ahaks!

Dont bother! Saje je nak sharing dreams with u guys! 
My funny but sweet dreams, doesn't it?! ;)
A lot more dream dates, my this dream, that dream to be shared! But later lah! In future posts! ;) hihi!
kbye~ love n hugs  

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