Monday, September 23, 2013

Lepak With Nuffies @ Meeples Cafe

It has been quite some times already i didnt join any of nuffnang events! Missing that! 
Therefore, first thing first here, i would like to thank nuffnang for this oppurtunity for inviting me to have some lepak session with the nuffies & other bloggers! :) 

Thank u! 

This session is also to celebrate ze cute & friendly intern, sandra, for finishing her internships in Nuffnang and she's gonna continue on her study, i think

So this is Sandra

So nice of nuffnang instead of giving single invite for us, they allowed us to bring a plus one! So, i went with my Izzat, i think he's most convincing one so i bring him! haha! :p

Fyi,meeples cafe is a board games cafe,where,they provided so many board games for the customers play and chill with their friends! It a very unique and nice place! Located at SS15!

We played 3 games in total! 
The 1st game is quite kecoh2 & noisy one... We have to act out what's on our friends cards and 
they have to do the same if their card is called out! 

2nd game, this game is a bit quiet than the previous one, where there is gold digger, and and... i think i shouldn't explain further since u guys won't understand my explanation! i also dont know how to actually explain :p

the 3rd game, i bet everyone played it before, where there are spies and there are resistances
So, boleh tahan kecoh jugak la!

Basically, one word, FUN!

that's the 2nd game i was talking about! Ok ignore! 

My date! :p

Us, while having fun! 

Our happening table!
(From left) Izzat, me, Ryan, his girlfriend, Kak Leeza's hubby, Kak NovaLiza, Atikah, Irzad & AkuBiomed 

If u dont know how to play the games, dont worry, the workers there will guide u! ;)

Besides having fun with the games, Meeples cafe also provided us with two drinks each! THANKSSS! 
I ordered hot choc & iced honey lemon
While he ordered cappuccino & Nuttella Milkshake (the most famous menu there!)

Blouse from Whitesoot online shop, favourite Wrangler jeans, shawl from ArtImpasto, Aldo handbag, Vincci Flat! Whatever :p
Tak perlu la whatever :p

Last but not least, tons of pictures k!

With Joelle the executive of nuffnang! 
All the people in nuffnang ni are superfriendly!

The boys

And all of the guests! 

My tablemates, again!

Photos credit to Novaleeza, Akubiomed & nuffnang of course!

In my conclusion...
We got free drinks, we gotta play games, and we gotta mingle around with the other bloggers! 
I had real fun that night! 

For more information about Meeples Cafe, visit :

Till then, bye! assalamualaikum!


Ryan Mo said...

Hey thanks for dropping by :)

A Girl Like You said...

Sure! :D

Liza Nova said...

Love your post!!.. next time we should gather here again. Nice meeting u dear!

A Girl Like You said...

Thanks for dropping by kak! :) yeah!we should meet again!xyah tunggu event pun xpe! ;)

Zayla Abdullah said... u dpt join event cmni...boleh dapat new friend and having fun at the same time...

A Girl Like You said...

yeah! ok lah... not bad! :) hee~ ;)

PurpleLove Leeya said...

wow. that very enjoy. I like it. follow me